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Lost In Feelings (EP)

The Devil - Music Video


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Aislinn Grace


Born in Sweden, 17 year old Irish & English singer/songwriter Aislinn Grace has developed a distinctive musical blend combining pop, R&B and electro within the EP and the 4 songs share an authentic voice, whether the song is a complex production or pared back to the chords of a guitar.

The EP delves into the emotions and complexities of life growing up where misunderstanding can become truth and where feelings can overpower reason and reality.

Music allows Aislinn to express her inner self and she hopes that sharing these emotions through her lyrics and melodies may provide a kindred voice to others going through the same emotions.

With her first EP «Lost In Feelings», Aislinn Grace got ranked #15 of the pop iTunes Charts and she is now working on her first album...

Aislinn Grace


Aislinn Grace
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